Who would think that a kid born on a farm outside of Denver, Colorado would one day find herself a Cruise Director for a one of the top Luxury Cruise Lines and traveling the world?

An awkward kid growing up in my brother's hand-me down clothes, with my mom so beautiful and elegant saying "act like a lady", I would have never thought that one day I would be donning gowns while at the same time going on a Safari adventure in South Africa. I digress.

Let's go back... as a kid, I accidentally ended up in dance classes. Not flexible and prone to foot cramps, I knew I would not be the next Chita Rivera. When I would practice learning a song for an audition, my Scottish Great-Uncle would sit with his back to me sighing and heckling me... well, I knew as well I wouldn't be the next Elaine Page either. But the one thing I had no one could take a way was a sense of humor and a sense of adventure!

My first professional job was performing Marilyn Monroe impersonations for a show in Tokyo, Japan while living there for almost a year. Well, the travel bug hit! From there I went back home, packed up my things and moved to New York City. I auditioned for the first European Tour of "42nd Street" and spent the next two years tap dancing my way through Germany, France, Austria and Holland - all living with the locals instead of the Cast Housing. Next I traveled the United States performing in National Tours and finally ending up in Las Vegas, Nevada performing Tanya in Mamma Mia. Going through huge life transitions... losing my mom and my marriage ending, I asked myself, do I stand in line saying "pick me, pick  me" or do I take my show on the road?

Well, the musical director for Mamma Mia received the contract for a singer on a luxury cruise line that would be sailing four months on a World Cruise. I called my friend and told him I was going to do him a favor, I was going to be one of his singers. Next thing I know, after three World Cruises, I was asked to stay on as Cruise Director and now I am reaching out to so many different places and cultures while getting to do my own comedy through Ship Happens, my very own show!